Day Shun try water purifier O2O2000 people have been free trial


] April 14th news billion state power network, billion state power network has learned, Haier goodaymart mall day before the launch of the water purifier "assay of action", the user can apply online water purifier free for 30 days, at the same time, mall will provide installation service for users.

figure for the next day line experience Museum

it is understood that goodaymart water mall has successfully held three fire action, launched less than 2 months, the user has successfully applied for 2000 times, is expected to successfully apply in June 2015 before the trial number will be more than 10000 people.

The person in charge of the

mall to billion state power network, through a combination of online and offline store Museum, private custom goodaymart water mall can clean water solution for different water quality, physical and personalized needs, O2O service platform in the future will use the advantages of the line resources to build a set of "sales, distribution, installation and" in one of the customer service.

according to the relevant information, the Haier group goodaymart is independent of sub brands, 2013 operating income has exceeded 62 billion 260 million yuan, under the banner of the goodaymart logistics at the end of 2013 was over 2 billion 800 million Hong Kong dollars investment group Alibaba, 2014 goodaymart brand value reached 14 billion 286 million yuan.

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