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along with China’s Internet for more than ten years of in-depth popularity, online shopping has been flying into thousands of households, become the personal shopping of many Internet users. Coupled with the emergence of the financial crisis, the state has issued a number of stimulating domestic consumption stimulating policies to mobilize the country’s 1 billion 300 million largest consumer groups, China’s e-commerce is expected to be rapid development.

Taobao, eBay and other traditional C2C trading platform for many functions of the public platform restrictions, higher marketing costs (PU picture warehouse train and other inputs), the lack of independent customer resources, no personality, no independent brand, malicious price competition, "passive marketing and so on so many disadvantages of the loss of chance. Since then, the independent shop to show advantages: platform independent and autonomous management, strong function, good expansibility, convenient popularization, free brand to avoid malicious competition, reduce the contrast for each big search engine search etc.. So the emergence of the new independent shop has been widely respected, the domestic shop, online mall program to ShopEx, V5shop for the mainstream, the most extensive audience, the most influential, most users.

in the domestic independent shop market has become increasingly fiery, as a veteran of the domestic virtual host domain name Chinese name (, and ShopEx, V5shop has Hishop, Zen, cart, Magento and several independent shop provider, established official strategic partnership, the purpose is to let the domestic well-known host and shop the shop’s enterprises together, establish mutual trust and mutual visits, to provide the most powerful and most competitive online service for the majority of customers shop. From the Chinese name on the website is a one-stop shop system construction project, from the domain name registration application host, pre authorized shop customer service system to support commercial and commercial template set of exquisite gifts, highlighting the independent expert host industry reputation shop. The majority of enterprises, network operators, and saw the opportunity online shopping SOHO owners who want to build online shopping platform, as has 7 years of operation, thousands of shop experience, ShopEx system maintenance, ShopEx official business card first authorized the first host partner, believe that the Chinese name will provide the most powerful support for everyone.

To celebrate Chinese name

cooperation and ShopEx continues, with the launch of shop type main preferential experience program, therefore, Chinese name for the recent purchase of ShopEx authorized host users have the following benefits:

1 on the part of the host model gives genuine ShopEx software, giving the value of 200 yuan ShopEx green card.

2 where the purchase of ShopEx hosts are given a fine commercial genuine template.

3 to buy ShopEx hosting site mirror server, so that Netcom and telecom users visit the site quickly.

4 free website for the record service.

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