Talking about the three points of the grassroots Adsense to choose profit model


site of the goal is to make money, if you do for fun, I believe that this interest there will be only a few months up to a year, if your site is not a profit in a year, are you interested in the site may therefore fall, and eventually left the industry in, but now websites to make money has become more and more difficult, a lot of ideas or profit model has been a lot of people with countless times, you can join in, just add a learning, the old station did not match the 10% climate, so how to do? Can’t we do make money? Of course not, we can still find their own profit model, this does not make money project in the world, only you do not find money project head So how can we find their own profit model on the Internet? It is necessary to have the following three conditions webmaster!

one: this profit model must have a good market demand

may I say a lot of people think that there is a problem, or even think that is nonsense, but to the webmaster, this one is very important, if you choose the profit pattern of no market basis, to let you alone to open up a market, it is very difficult, so for personal webmaster can only use the mature market, but not able to open up the market, otherwise you will feel very painful, after investing a lot of money in your might boondoggle! For the current Internet profit model but that very much, as long as you discover you may be able to find very good the profit model, the Taobao customer as an example, if you are single product promotion, then a profit model beyond count, I don’t believe that you can not find their own strong Item?

two: your profit model must be able to solve problems for users

whether your profit model is very creative, it needs a lot of technology to realize, but as a website, then a good profit model will need to provide help to the user, allowing users to feel your website useful to them, they are willing to accept your website or help, or to learn, of course we also need to provide to the user interaction on the web platform, such as the implantation of SNS games and so on, let them think on our website just like back home, make your site really become the object of focus them, so as to achieve your website profit pattern to lay a solid foundation for


three: to have a focus on profitability

sites we used to make money weapon is nothing more than the products and services, regardless of the kind of, we have summed up the things we need to promote the core, that is our focus on profitability, these basically can account for the site of 80% income, which is to follow 28 principles, a website with income. 80% from their main products, the other 20% are generally from their website sideline, so be sure to find their own site website when

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