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at the beginning of 2012, winter has become one of the key words in China’s VC/PE market. Clear research center data show that in 2012, Chinese VC/PE institution within the territory of the IPO exit rhythm slows significantly, the average return on book value level has dropped slightly, this phenomenon has forced a market valuation of investment slowed down, mechanism.

in all areas, the biggest difference is undoubtedly the largest e-commerce. Two years ago, hundreds of billions of money this industry, is now considered "irrational exuberance", wave after wave of companies with loss of the financial report of listed cash at.

in fact, from the beginning of the second half of 2011, the field of electronic commerce is filled with pessimism winter approaching, although commercial investment but still can not hide like a raging fire, a fact that a large number of commercial enterprises because of funding strand breaks out of the market competition, several well-known business tycoon IPO in the US but also in the foreseeable future. Under double pressure, China’s commercial investment market can be hot for how long? In the face of a positive outlook and the Internet bubble said, how to choose capital

venture to lose confidence in the electricity supplier


Internet industry last year once again become the venture capital accumulation in the field of electronic commerce, to stir up the banner of the Jingdong store, where customers, handle, the U.S. group, public comment and other well-known company has conducted several rounds of financing. Therefore, the Internet industry has found a unique financing model: the creation of – financing – expansion – refinancing, the cycle of the chain, VC (venture capital) has become the most important part.

branch group data show that in 2011 China Internet venture capital market completed investment in 276 cases, an increase of 120.8%, achieved explosive growth; disclose the investment amount of $3 billion 300 million, an increase of 360%.

In 2011

financing after hot Internet investment heat decreasing, last year a lot of real money into the Internet VC also ushered in the reflection of the season.

capital President Xu Xin today is a follower of the value of Buffett’s investment. In the "second Sanya branch group Chinese Internet investment conference and e-commerce investment and financing forum, she said now is the winter capital, rather than the winter of the Internet, as long as the enterprises to survive, it will have better development.

"2012 Internet e-commerce investment is certainly not as good as 2011, but does not mean that VC and PE (private equity) to lose confidence in the Internet e-commerce, we still firmly support the Internet and e-commerce companies, so several companies recently have added investment investment." Qing Group founder, chairman and CEO Ni Zhengdong said that the Qing Branch is still optimistic about the long-term e-commerce, Internet industry.

talked about the development trend of Chinese electricity supplier, KPCB partner in charge of Zhou Wei believes that the platform pattern is very clear, there will be several giant > within two years

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