Fog and haze see how businesses taking advantage of marketing

these days, Beijing has been shrouded in haze, the whole city to a vast expanse of grey, although the 15 sporadic snow early in the morning, the air is purified a lot, but this situation could not last long, with a new day of operation, emissions, and steady calm weather, the pollutants in the air begin to accumulate rapidly again. 15 on the morning of 9, Beijing city of the monitoring sites of the air quality index AQI between 179 to 214, to four to five, moderate to severe pollution in the suburbs of Pinggu, suburban site reached the level of optimization, the rest of the site’s AQI index above 200, five belong to severe pollution. By the netizen "Beijing Beijing" adapted to sing our voices, "when the fog in every street here, the air pollution index exceeds the burst table, in addition to a trap to you and I like Pavilion around, yuan (push network marketing lecturer) has seen the streets full of eye mask."


in bad weather, many people in order to avoid a "human vacuum cleaner", would have wanted to, to protect their lungs, air purifiers, masks become popular products we scramble to buy, resulting in the two kind of product sales and prices soared, but also can not stop people panic buying enthusiasm.

we look at the N95 mask Baidu index, can be found from the beginning of the number 15 to the number of direct rose to eight thousand, an increase of nearly 80 times.


let’s look at the news report


the following figure for Baidu related search: Baidu related users will be a large amount of recent search, the search frequency is high, the word appears in this position, you can see the recent news reports caused by the user’s search.


In fact, before

, yuan (a network marketing lecturer) does not know what is the N95 mask, I believe many people told me the same, after all masks are generally for cold weather, cotton, ordinary can, those medical masks feel with the common people’s life is like nothing the relationship between. But because of the haze weather, a lot of bad weather reports on the network and TV, let us on the PM2.5 index, have more understanding of haze has also led to orange signal warning, masks, air purifiers on demand. This is an occasion to marketing, from hot to sniff out business opportunities.

we see a group of figures, according to the background data of Taobao and Tmall, only 11 and 12, two days, the country will have 23 thousand orders for a total of nearly 500 thousand pen masks, masks; masks the search to buy most areas of Beijing, the total turnover volume of 30.48%, sales increased 130% than usual. Taobao and Tmall January 11 to 12, a total of Beijing

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