Every beat car used car auction platform for 100 million C1 round of investment Tencent BTAUTO inv


technology news November 21st morning news, second-hand car online auction platform every beat car today announced the completion of $100 million C1 round of financing, the investor is industrial information management, high investment, easy car network, Tencent, Softbank Chinese and Heiner Asia and other investment institutions.


every day to shoot the car founder and CEO Wang Wei

Every beat car

founder and CEO Wang Weiwei said, this round of financing will be mainly used to expand the market, promote the standardized operation ability and enhance the user experience, in the consolidation of the existing market and accelerate the development of national inter regional circulation transactions, and will be in the new car finance, the whole industry chain key layout, build a new eco system of automobile consumption.

every day to take the car is a used car online auction platform in China, using the online auction model, its core competencies for the design of 44 business scenarios online trading system. Every beat car through the mobile Internet platform for the owners to provide personal selling cars online experience, and provide on-site inspection, standardized procedures arranged to sell a car service.

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, every beat car said, as of now in more than 20 national city line trading service center, covering the main city second-hand car trading activity, monthly transaction volume will exceed 10000 units, and plans next year to continue trading service center line added to about 40. Expected full year 2017 trading volume reached more than 300 thousand, three years after the expected annual trading volume will exceed 1 million units, fully open up the owners, dealers at both ends of the financial services chain, the mobile Internet has become automobile consumer transactions and financial platform.

round of new investors, Societe Generale Societe Generale Societe Generale Bank Information Management and private equity investment and asset management business platform. Up investment is the acquisition and growth of private equity investment in growth enterprises, the main investors, including the Australian Queensland Investment Corp, the European pension fund, family offices, etc.. In the China market, up to investment projects including drops of travel, the U.S. mission network, public comment / financial Jingdong, Himalaya blue city detection, and Supercell. (Li Gen)

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