Multitray net red which is the key node to build the nternet marketing viral effect


network Reds Ye Liangchen gradually quiet, this internet marketing event though in the end was found to be well planned speculation, people also have to praise the team’s marketing ability. So, an endless stream of Internet marketing events, what can be done to promote the product to inspire it?

from the beginning of September 23rd a few screenshots, the name Ye Liangchen in just two days boarded micro-blog hot search, was maxed out micro-blog and WeChat. One and a half months past, a leaf becomes not temperature is not fire, it seems the majority of Internet users are found in a few screenshots of the chat behind is a deliberate hype, consumption consciousness is really help users "Ye Liangchen" made a China covering the whole netizens promotion and advertising, Ye Liangchen is no longer a laugh the object of Internet users in the mouth, but also a real heart left a netizen then. Ye Liangchen behind in the end is orchestrated by speculation, or unintentional spread, this article will not go into here, just at a temperature that does not fire time point, analysis of the leaf day event, can bring inspiration to promote products.

first, no matter what kind of chat screenshot is for what purpose was sent out, he received far more than expected results. Baidu Post Bar leaves it most attention 57W, micro-blog 13W fans, all kinds of commercial speech, single, album, or even a movie has become a part of the work of Ye Liangchen. But from the moment Ye Liangchen entered the entertainment circle, but also the beginning of the event cooling. When the nature of the event is believed to be the hype, the Internet users are naturally reluctant to be consumed, after all, no one is willing to do for others free advertising fool. From the detonation to the end, the Internet as a carrier to give Ye Liangchen the cause of the fire, but also the entire event of the fire extinguisher.

boring – the Internet’s largest productivity

development of the Internet and social networks, diversity brings numerous products for dissemination of traditional media and new media also distinguish obviously, speculation over the past few years, many of the Internet, it is not difficult to find such a rule: in the network to get angry, boring (Jia Junpeng calling your mother. You go home for dinner), or low (UNIQLO, Fengjie, Sister Lotus).

Internet integration of fragmented time of all Internet users, has become a huge communication platform, with the popularity of mobile Internet, communication and browsing information is no longer limited in front of the computer, without time and place and space constraints, the spontaneous power of the netizen, when an event is enough to attract the eye, even without any commercial means a short period of time, can spread to the known point. This is the biggest advantage of the spread of the internet.

enrichment and social dividends, using the Internet as a carrier of a leaf from the fire incident, Post Bar to micro-blog and the circle of friends, but in the information era is what can the bombing, let Ye Liangchen get crazy reproduced, not just boring so simple, borrow "crazy – let your product, here.

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