Mou Changqing talk about personal blog promotion experience

today received a mobile phone SMS Zhan Peng students, his independent blog domain, the PR value to 6. Let me have been stimulated, I have known he is a professional engaged in network promotion and SEO, but are now in the hands of 1 decent sites are not, there is no 1 meters high PR value, is indeed justified. So suddenly you want to engage in independent blog, whatever the outcome is your own website. Hereby write an article to commemorate their independent blog new opening.


it was 06 years before I started to write my own blog. I just went to a IT company in Beijing. I have a blog product manager who has been in the company for about the same time as I do. You are also more familiar with each other, then I don’t know what is this blog, my colleagues are crazy about blog, blog often tell me what the benefits of his influence, I began to write a blog on the internet.


the first blog I registered was in DONEWS, where I felt there was a professional IT website, where people are more likely to know their blogs. But later found that DONEWS’s blog is not easy to use, and finally chose the Baidu space as a permanent blog.


because I write some of the network promotion is some of the more grassroots articles, the main user oriented readers are some personal webmaster. At that time each time to write a new article, mainly to the ADMIN5 Forum Forum Forum Chinaz forum. I know these places is the most concentrated personal webmaster place, if there is a certain quality, made in these places, it will be thousands of websites, I have used in the bottom of their articles and the starting address and his pen name, so many people know my blog.


wrote this for more than a year, on the network to promote the original article also wrote more than and 10 articles, but also a lot of websites reproduced my article. But I found I rarely remember "pseudonym" people. And my article is mainly spread in personal webmaster circles, real IT insiders know very few people in my blog. So I later in the article not only leave your name, your real name left, because my family name is rare, so it is easy to impress others. Now go out to the party for business cards, it is often said that the name is familiar. If you have been using only his pen name, may be of no effect.


at that time I was very envious of the column in the DONEWS who wrote the article can not only be directly by the new Baidu

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