How to use the October siege to do background promotion

is an adaptation of the October siege words: " of; the site, by the site, for the site." this idea is true democracy in my heart, someone asked "can we see this day?" (long silence.)…… " I know this day is coming, I do not know if I can not see, you will see…… "

new work has been more than a month, and finally the website rankings have some results. I am responsible for the promotion of the site " 100 thousand counties of agricultural products trading network in Baidu successfully occupy some positions.

search "agricultural products" in Baidu, successfully reached twelve pages. Agricultural products trading network, eighth. Wholesale of agricultural products fourth. As for the hundreds of thousands of shops, the name, of course, ranked first. Because of this specialty, the word meaning the pan too much, no effect from the elegant, didn’t bother to do this keywords.

to the world cup rankings, all the way to kill back competitors, occupy the first that is the highest reputation. This means that your level has been recognized on other peer sites, but it must have been a difficult process.

I have no force, 70% of my energy used in the website editor, which is a little early tips, because want to do a lot of preparation before the promotion, so I really do outside the chain, the home page optimization at that time, there will be a better ranking,

on these results, I put a little wage proposal to the boss, not satisfied with the answer, the final effect on salary, just gave a pan, the answer in my growing, in these pressures, powerful SEO technology…… In the end, I don’t take it for granted.

in fact, the tragedy of the siege in October to the back of my heart sank, I had to adapt as part of my mood portrayal.

" three years ago, a student there in the question: what is the university? The teacher told him that the university is to make the work after everyone is sunny, don’t cry hunger, not Haohan.

the past three years, and I have been away from my Chi, wandering back from exile, two words to me cannot be mention in the same breath.

today, if any party for work, I would say: wages desire happiness, had to pressure the pain. This pain is called work. "

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