Spinach SEO how to complete the quick orders

when an enterprise to find you do SEO, what are you doing? You don’t need to ask what do you want? But what clients want, that is what you need to do! When an enterprise to find you do SEO, Shenzhen SEO in the process of talking quickly carry out the following steps:

first: consulting need to optimize the keywords (consulting customers: all planning or when a keyword, here to say a single keyword)

1 if it is Fei keyword, it is said to be embarrassed, the next cooperation, of course, if you have this business then continue to look down at

2 consulting customers do what keywords, that keyword, do a few things:

A. search keywords Baidu index.

B. keyword collection.

C. search to keyword as the title of the collection. In terms of how to analyze the optimization of the key words are mentioned: intitle: "key words", you can query the number of sites containing the key words.

D. home page to do a few promotion, home page ranking URL simple analysis.

do a good job of this step, the basic difficulty of this keyword has a preliminary understanding of the.

this step to confirm a thing: this keyword can do, there is no way to do! Can’t do, make friends, can do next step

second: consulting clients need to optimize the URL

A. query the web site included

B. query URL whois information

C. domestic search domain name is

D. query the current site corresponds to the target keywords ranking

E. simple detection page settings

F. check whether the site was linked to horse

g. site included records, domain names have done other content (a lot of business will happen)

h. domain name has been recorded by K

i:ping this site looks at speed

H: with IP website

this step to confirm: whether the site needs to change, or even rebuild! This is to give customers an expected! This step will not be a problem, the next step

third: customer requirements of the keyword and the current site server situation

A. keyword requirements, such as customers to give you a promotion to occupy the home page keywords, he also asked the home page, you know!

B. customer requirements of the keyword is multifarious, you have to do is to quickly determine whether to meet the requirements of their own!

C. if there really is a need for the site to be rebuilt (ask first)

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