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technology news March 9th evening news, Gome announced today will launch China version of "black Wu" promotion in March 13th, the United States provides the whole network parity, if the United States sells the commodity price is higher than the mainstream business platform (excluding seckill, no cheap goods, such as marketing gimmick, LIMITED group purchase cheap goods, consumers can be awarded) 500 yuan.

days ago, China Consumer Association "2014 national association organization to receive complaints analysis report" released in 2014, the National Association Organization accepting remote shopping 20135 complaints, including online shopping accounted for 92.28%, reflecting the false propaganda to mislead the consumer, customer service service unsatisfactory five problems.

in addition, in the second half of 2014, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Consumer Association for the two time on the network trading platform for the sale of goods quality testing. Spot checks of 9 electronic business platform in the sale of counterfeit or substandard quality goods, the problem rate of about 77.8% ().

president of the United States, said Wang Junzhou, for consumers, the line of the store, online electricity supplier or mobile terminal has no boundaries and the order of the points, the free conversion of the scene is the future trend of retail. Consumers in the online shopping frenzy after a pure gradually return to rational consumption, gradually formed the purchase of FMCG and low-end goods preferred online, purchase experience, installation and customer service service complete products, more willing to choose the next line store trends.

Wang Junzhou said, "with the increasingly rational consumption regression, in the future of consumer appliances in the scene, whether it is low-end goods or experience goods, consumer behavior will first get information about the goods through the network, and then through online and offline price comparison or to store experience, choice based on the best price on, but also provide professional delivery, installation, maintenance, maintenance services and other businesses to buy more value".

he further said that the definition of "who is who in the fitting room is too early, in the home appliance products," the online survey preparation room become commodity information, buy one "is now offline store mainstream consumer behavior, believe that only full channel retailers can meet the needs of consumers in the category of increasingly personalized consumer demand.

The United States

senior vice president Li Juntao on the "black Wu" Shopping Festival said, relying on the supply chain, the United States is extended to the new category at the same time, to further promote the development and sales of goods to differences in mass customization, ODM/OEM exclusive goods mainly.

"from other low-cost promotional platform according to the phenomenon of a few products, during the event, the United States will launch a line the whole category of mainstream products, therefore, the United States began to prepare for the" black Wu "Shopping Festival as early as a few months ago, by signing a strategic cooperation agreement with the depth and the mainstream home power plant operators." Li Juntao said.

is reported that the United States will accelerate the implementation of the new model of intelligent retail terminal in more than 1 thousand and 600 stores. From >

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