A domain name two owners What are the rights and interests of the owners

Ye Fan is behind the old member who is also a webmaster forum, love the Internet and engaged in the website operation station, in the fall of 2005, when the local network just unfolding, many people have devoted to the local portal of the flood, Ye Fan also follow the trend, the query to the four bit digital domain.Org a Guangdong city the AD has not been registered (to avoid suspicion, do not write the name of the web site.


and Ye Fan in the new net sea, Xinnet.com registered the domain name, the domain name for parsing speed new network channel sea fast registration agent price is more reasonable, and reputation and brand are placed in it, but when the new network channel sea registration, this series of problems caused by.

September 25th, in the new network letter submitted to the sea, Ye Fan found that the process card, so refresh the page re submit, so repeated 6 times, and finally can not display the success of registration.

in desperation, Ye Fan chose the Xinwanghulian dns.com.cn registration, the first time has also been unable to successfully registered, second submitted successfully, the accident did not bring much doubt.

and Ye Fan also began in the design of his local station plan, one day, he landed on the new network letter sea, but accidentally discovered that the new network of the sea actually show the 4 digit meters.

so, the new network and the new network in the sea again at this moment the soul of a soul, a domain name has become the name of the two service providers.

in the next two years, Ye Fan is facing a very embarrassing situation, that is, every year he will continue to cost 2 of the domain name. Although a domain renewal only 60 yuan a year, and the domain name itself is not particularly valuable. But this result, I believe that should not be able to accept the webmaster.

Ye Fan himself also made a test:

Xin Hai Xin in the network, that is, Xinnet binding X.org www.x.org and mail.x.org, running CMD, Ping does not come out.

in the new network interconnection, that is, dns.com.cn binding www.x.org, you can ping out.

this problem, Ye Fan, I have called the sea and the new network of new Internet connection, but the answer is not satisfactory. Because it looks like that, the success of the domain name registration, renewal is a must.

60 yuan a year is not much, but the problem is, who is willing to be overcharged so much of the 35 fighting?. A domain name in the two new network show success, and can generate the domain name certificate, certificate clearly written on: ICANN international domain name authority authorized Xinwanghulian / Beijing letter sea made and issued this certificate. Domain name XXX has been registered by XX, and in the international top-level domain data >

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