Service of university talents to build the campus market elite exchange platform Gome

recently, the United States Internet plus market exchange will be held in campus elite colleges and universities in Chongqing, Shenyang and other places, has attracted wide attention and welcome the students. College Students Association, student entrepreneurs, Internet Co campus ambassadors, micro campus, campus represents a gathering of many people etc. from the media and the United States, expand exchanges around the campus Internet plus and e-commerce, guided by the campus experience, with college students as the main ideas, share their own experiences from the universities elite to discuss, to expand the campus market skills.

The huge wave of

development in the campus market, many domestic Internet plus on e-commerce and interested students to actively participate in the micro business, Ambassador, from the media, business elite, the campus market constantly opening up their own battlefield. However, we are all doing, the lack of effective communication and sharing mechanism; students who want to participate in, nor shaped channels, can only rely on the recommendation of a friend, to build an open platform for sharing.

as the United States On-Line Company this year focus on the development of the campus fan club, campus Club cohesion of the United States and e-commerce Internet plus interest to a group of University students. The club organized the Internet plus elite campus market exchange, in the five regions, carried out dozens of campus activities, to build a shared platform for the exchange of national elite campus market.

Club hope that through this event, to provide a better campus Internet plus share exchange and e-commerce for the students, the introduction of more resources on campus elite market growth.

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