Amazon menacing mobile payment providers how to return

NetEase Francisco August 17th message, "Forbes" website published an article on the New Amazon Register service Local on mobile payment in the field of impact are reviewed, and for other mobile payment providers weapon. Turning to the text, in addition to payment functions, most small shops, need a more comprehensive mobile payment solutions, currently Local Register did not have advanced features tailored for small businesses, this opens up space for the development of other mobile payment providers. In addition, the article also believes that, as ten years ago, Amazon completely changed the e-commerce experience, and now Local Register will eventually subvert the physical store shopping experience, the formation of a new pattern of mobile payments. Mobile payment providers may wish to start from many small businesses interested in value-added services, to explore their own competitive strategies.

the following is the main content of the article:

Amazon has entered the field of mobile payments, which will undoubtedly make competitors in this field panic.

reason is that Amazon funded, started his new market, it is not hesitate to take aggressive strategy in price. After registering Amazon Local Register service, users can spend $10 to buy a credit card reader, but $10 will be returned after the user’s first transfer transaction in the credit line. Amazon also offers a promotional price of transaction fees for October 31st of this year before the completion of the Local Register service registered users, the proportion is only 1.75%, this offer will last until January 1, 2016. More important is the Amazon also has several years of experience in handling a seamless consumer purchase transaction, as the leader of this prestige will also continue to move the new payment involved, in order to attract to the transaction security of businesses and shoppers feel alarmed.

Amazon Local Register, mainly for two major competitors Square and PayPal challenge. But in fact some well-known mobile payment start-up companies and suppliers, and even the entire ecosystem are likely to suffer from Amazon aggressiveness offensive threat. For them, the short term can explore some countermeasures?

Amazon Local Register includes two parts of hardware and software, the card reader and free mobile applications, and users accept card payment through the intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer to use credit cards and debit. It is very attractive to street vendors, small shop or store brand of guerrilla. Current small businesses have become increasingly fierce.

but Local Register does not have the advanced features tailored for small businesses, in order to manage the transaction with different commodity related tasks. At least not yet. Other mobile payment providers may wish to consider the development of space in this regard.

most small shops, such as mobile dining car, coffee shops, retail shops and beauty salons, in order to develop new customers and expand.

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