Christmas New Year’s Day sales season will be another Carnival store

many stores are hope by the end of the year this "Shiver", to draw before losing to the electricity supplier’s share, but the key is to look at the retail entity whether they really seize the consumer preferences.


source: Vision China

"I want you to know that there is a person in this world who will always be waiting for you. No matter when, no matter where you are, anyway, you know there will always be such a person." In order to make the planning more artsy, intime web page editor Eileen Chang famously quoted, to plan a is called a self seeking fashion tour "album, is actually an incidental theme of clothes, luggage and other items of the recommendation, the purpose of this recommendation is to introduce consumers to the final Yintai Department stores.

in this great scourges under the erosion of business department stores, even the holidays promotional copywriter to such a fight? – just after the arrival of Christmas and the new year to department stores and shopping center line seems to be offline retail entity in a carnival, and even shopping malls early hit "72 hours without closing the year" the slogan.

in intime department store in Dahongmen, ice and snow and ice Castle maze landscape has a good layout, the department store for members to send text messages to inform in advance, by way of inviting them to participate in win coupons. This conventional approach compared with other department store marketing strategy is not fresh, but intime department store there is another diversion.


since last year, Ali and App shopping street meow cooperation intime online and offline play more diverse. For example, Beijing intime red stores is one of the recommended stores meow on the street, through the App online to find a parking space, queuing, film seat selection, convenient in increased passenger store shopping experience, more importantly, meow Street recently launched Carlo Lee money game, walk through the consumption of calories obtained gold exchange of goods to the mall shopping mall to guide the game.

this year – during the cooperation of Beijing, Shenzhen street, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuhan, Xi’an and other 10 cities, more than 60 shopping centers by sending envelopes, calories and other activities, an increase of more than 600 thousand of the traffic to the mall. The shopping center built more, an average customer from the elevator to find the car, about 10 minutes, while the street looking to find a car handlebar meow time is shortened to 5 minutes, the average time of receiving a cashier is 1 minutes, while Alipay is about 15-20 seconds." Meow street said.

always lack of popularity and traffic of the Beijing Xidan joy Christmas activities particularly hard, SWAROVSKI joy in Xidan with a layer of 100 thousand crystals made of a crystal Christmas tree, spent about 2000000 yuan, it is said that the Christmas tree in the country selected 3 SWAROVSKI stores. Xidan City General Manager Shen Xinwen told reporters the traffic crystal interface, the Christmas tree brings to the market is very obvious, in addition to the biggest benefit of the catering industry has increased two times, customers buy clothing, skin care.

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