See how cool the world cup marketing

any brand communication activities, all hope that advertising to the user can be converged to the information explosion point where the activities of the Olympic Games, world cup, NBA, a gluttonous feast is another opportunity for users, is also the enterprise communication. In the world cup on the ship, including Coca-Cola, Adidas, McDonald’s and other brands in the World Cup campaign, have played a very good war.

Internet hit a number of traditional industries, the color TV industry is also difficult to escape. So now we can see is the Internet TV products, the traditional color TV industry as well as the emerging TV manufacturers have launched Internet TV products. The impact of the traditional industries and the Internet brand is similar, Internet TV products direct impact is still young people in this group, compared with the older age groups, Internet TV is still difficult to break through the traditional concept of the shackles of the inherent.

World Cup as the youth circle of sports event, even circulated on the Internet a lot of related scripts, Anhui 80 guy, to give up one hundred thousand annual salary, to watch the world cup, from which we can see the fiery world cup, it deeply attracted the eyes of young people.

so, any brand will want fans into their own brand of loyal fans, bring the brand reputation on the one hand, on the one hand, improve product sales. The world cup is an information explosion point, users will take the initiative to pay attention to any information related to the world cup and the world cup as the information, to create marketing activities, in this regard, SKYWORTH’s new brand of cool open TV is a successful case.

play products: truly customized

marketing activities successfully replace products of its own industrial chain, as the Internet industry is not subvert the actual user experience of online marketing, do good, products can not keep up, will eventually be cast aside by the user. Internet TV is known as user value.

have to say Internet Co in the marketing of agility, but love to pull the banner pull drum "behavior is also a trick of the Internet Co, the product itself is not much, but with the marketing tactics is" tall "products to the actual situation, is simply a" scam".

coocaa TV relies on strong industrial chain integration capabilities, before the world cup, after full user research, the introduction of the World Cup four custom features: boot preview push, built-in TV, TV shopping, online quiz APK World Cup customized version of TV integrated solutions, to bring the convenience of spectators intimate experience for the majority of fans.

coocaa TV designed for the world cup to create a limited edition world cup custom machine, followed by shell as the 31 participating countries flag (except Japan). In addition to the shell, and the other is the custom boot event forecast.

Internet TV personal customization, which is the same as the way the smart phone line – C2B, in this regard, the most attractive to users, or the combination of the theme of the world cup set

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