Baidu know the operating strategy to the main channel to supplement

Q & A and technique

said Baidu know the marketing skills, estimated that many people first thought is that leave the link technology in Baidu, actually leave the link is one-sided, Q & a platform vulnerabilities, any one platform has its own shortcomings, it can be used to do, however, it is not a permanent solution, any advertising the link can survive for over 1 years? I’m afraid not? For operation pursuit, can obtain results in a short period of time, but it can not last long, only with the construction for the road, will be able to once and for all.

in Baidu know leave the way links the older the more senior, Baidu on its own vulnerabilities for more months is perfect, from the collection, use a miniature began to use later, Baidu promotion manager, special symbols, can always be found in the Baidu master left a link, but always escape Baidu found delete improved. The link is just short-term pleasures, to be a long time, the brand word is king, the establishment of the friends should know SEO, in fact, Baidu know do promotion through the construction of brand keywords, is a very good way of the Internet, the only constant is change.

Baidu know what marketing needs to prepare

is forearmed nopreparation, want to do a good job in Baidu know marketing, need to prepare a large number of account and VPN (replacing IP used for search, the Iask, YAHOO knowledge hall has the same effect), in the Taobao and pat can buy Baidu account, now the registered number limits, one day can only test the recent registered three, but Taobao on the purchase price of an account as long as a few cents, there is no need to register for their hard work, in addition, reminder, a synonym for VPN is the accelerator, a proxy server, you know.

send Baidu know what way

don’t think that only use PC to send, common in Baidu know to send information in addition to "send away, and through the mobile phone to send, specifically including mobile phone browser and mobile phone SMS, mobile phone SMS is 1 cents a, this is not Baidu, is charged carriers, in addition, mobile phone. Can be sent by computer on the WAP on the PC and install the Android simulator, do not have to go to the use of mobile phone typing, computer WAP can, in general, the use of mobile phone to send more often by.

Baidu know what forms of advertising

in Baidu know that, in addition to the link, there are many other ways, such as QQ number, mobile phone number, personal information, Baidu library, brand words (independent keywords) and so on, in this way, the following points need attention:

1, we can do without some Baidu words, after a very short period of time can make the words Baidu ranked first, we can pass this way, as in "you know the answer.

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