Some ideas on the promotion of education and Training Websites


have been more optimistic about the industry: education and training, tourism, business car platform, car beauty website is always I am more optimistic about the industry, after all, a lot of people earn money is the concept of a house and a car, the tourism industry according to their own understanding relatively relatively has been made very wear, cosmetic industry, will be a a good development, but relatively safe operation coefficient is high, even on the Internet do cosmetic industry! When you pull away, writing this article is mainly in the education and training industry is some problems outside Han now he sees about some problems need to pay attention to education and Training Websites or consider in website promotion, of course, the actual operation is certainly more complicated! As a personal webmaster, I think the operation is feasible I do not have the operation of the funds do not need to read this article!

first consider how the site profitable

if a man of words, I think the educational websites or concentrate on rely on advertising alliance for interests, so relatively low cost, easy to grasp, later website do can find some of the direct advertising, like ADMIN5, of course you have it, you can make your own the flow of the site to open a small training class that money will come faster.

second sites rely on profitable way is like the environment where I like physical institute (, there is a complete system but also must have the website in general, personal webmaster to have the strength of late development. With profit channel is the theme of this article began to talk of the input and output in the application in website promotion, education and training do webmaster all know: it must rely on the site to make money flow, get effective user flow through the conversion of many industries is the same: consulting quantity of web users

conversion rate!

from the website construction is more conducive to the amount of advice (low cost investment promotion)?.

1, website optimization

cautioned that some SEO, because the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar is not to say, i.

1) the choice of space operators

2) page opening speed optimization

3 keyword optimization

2, website daily maintenance

1) website content update

2) site running check

3) site security check

3, website content

if you can put in, find 10 editors, every day to update the 100 articles, I do not think I need to say. After the construction of their own good, but also need to consider external factors outside the network promotion (high cost investment promotion).

search engine promotion

1) online advertising

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