Research Report on the ranking of Alexa web sites

The goal of a network promotion is to increase the amount of visits, as to the needs of those who visit is another problem, we do not need to analyze here. To understand the amount of access to a web site, only through the following methods:

1, according to the sidebar, is currently the only accepted tool provided by the open data. In fact, some companies may have similar data, China website may 3721 and Baidu Inc have this information, but they do not provide, these companies will only be used as internal research, because once the public, or other problems involved and true false out fair. It is a bit sad, as if the Chinese code does not use the national standard is not a big five yards, the Chinese do not understand the use of utf8 coding.

2 another method is to install the background statistics, but the installation of different methods will lead to different results, such as how long the refresh time there is no standard, into the sub page, the home can not be calculated, how to calculate the repeated calculation of the same IP?.

3 another approach is to learn from the side, is judged according to the signs of the website, such as advertising number / Web page rank, advertising prices, accept the number of connections, the evaluation to this website to other websites and visibility etc..

China the number of Internet users has been providing large growth opportunities for large websites website, called, we can assume that after meeting the following conditions, this website can enter the comprehensive monitoring stage, and then carefully analyze the website for the investment value and the value of advertising, understand these sites may bring some benefits we, after perhaps we need to advertise, we will find that these web advertising prices and large portal price relative price is very cost-effective. For intends to invest in these sites, is also a great reference value.

here reproduced some articles on monitoring the amount of access

1, Alexa showed that the flow is relatively fair, for any website, do not need to install the Alexa Toolbar, Alexa on any web site. Equally, no matter what your website, even * * website, he also added his ranking only flow. So any site traffic changes, the results of his robot crawling is the same conclusion. So, you say the site traffic, is fair. But ranking is fair, it depends on whether it has cheating. (Alexa robot called crawler, use it to collect data)

in addition to Alexa to find your own site, you can manually submit to the Alexa / or update your website, let it visit you as soon as possible.

2, I alleged to join the Alexa tool formed by cheating, unless I tell you, very few people know, this is why foreign sites are usually higher than the domestic site >

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