nternet provider whole home to complete hundreds of millions of dollars A round of financing

September 20th, Fosun Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Star"), the home network (hereinafter referred to as "the company") Yu Hangzhou held a press conference. At the meeting, announced the completion of the construction of Fosun home investment, this is the second investment red collar, sunshine Indian network, Fosun in the C2M ecosystem is another important layout, but also indicates that the Internet became Jiezhuang enterprises A round of financing the largest amount of venture company.


Since the date of the establishment of

home, on the practice of "let consumers no longer suffer from the decoration of" mission. Therefore, proposed a structure like Car Buying "the entire concept of the home is like a vehicle, including basic materials, materials, equipment, household appliances, furniture and the whole process of construction, as long as in the online point, consumers will like to buy a car to buy back the same. In order to allow consumers to more intuitive and convenient to achieve "a key frame", the home in each big city and set sales (Sale), information feedback (Setup), installation and construction (Service), customer service service (Survey) as one of the "Internet 4S decoration shop", as long as consumers through online browsing, booking. And the combination of decoration in the "Internet 4S shop" personal services, you can get hard and soft decoration, including appliances, equipment of the whole family, feel the WYSIWYG Internet home improvement experience.

architects can do the whole manufacturing and WYSIWYG, is based on self-developed IDI system. Founder, CEO Yan Chuanzan introduction: the Internet is not only a whole family to build a home, but also on the home improvement industry chain downstream integration. The IDI system at home in addition to generate a key material information, the entire budget, 720° panoramic renderings, can also export drawings directly correspond to the production side, not only the full response to the client C end demand, and achieve industrial production, realize C2M."


as of now, the home base in Zhejiang, south of Sanya, north to Harbin, West to Urumqi, east of Shanghai, the city operators have grown to more than and 130, 4S stores across the country, has passed the test of practice of more than 6 thousand users from around the country, the scale is expanding.

the second half of this year, the company will also organized many large-scale activities nationwide, continue to increase marketing and development efforts: in September 25th, the company will hold a "magic brush reproduction in the major city, draw the activities of dream home", invited the owners to witness the "WYSIWYG" personally; in December 12th, the company will continue last year’s double 12 single off Carnival festival held a good momentum of home daily sales of nearly 200 million yuan, the home improvement again held a carnival, designed to let more consumers from fitment.


in Fosun’s investment, the company will continue to optimize.

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