The equity incentive process online standardized shares completed tens of millions of dollars Pre A

small table December 16th news, online book stock equity incentive management tool announced the completion of tens of millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing. It is reported that the current round of financing by the linear capital lead investor, Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund and real investment fund with a small table, this round of financing as the exclusive financial advisor.

after the completion of the financing, stock book will accelerate product grinding and talent introduction process, on the basis of perfecting the existing products, more attempts in the repurchase, after the release of the option option option and so on, to become the largest equity management services enterprises.

shares was founded in May 2015, is an equity incentive online management tools, from the online plan, electronic options issued until the follow-up management, providing internet based equity incentive solutions. In July of that year, a book also received millions of dollars in Angel round of financing to fund it real fund and dark horse.

shares CEO Zhang Qian told reporters that there are two main methods of early operation option, which is to obtain a similar legal document through the network or friends, as the company substantially revised option file, the second is to find a professional lawyer guidance. But Zhang Qian believes that the existence of hidden dangers, the former not compliance, the price is too high, ranging from 50 thousand to about 100000.

although most large and medium-sized enterprises have established incentive plans, but still in use to manage the EXCLE option plan, there are also presented in the form of dynamic and structural problems such as lack of management, and the use efficiency is not high.

shares for these pain points, integration of information and resources, such as financial services institutions in North America, the process of all options incentive online, standardized, structured.

when the enterprise registered in the stock account, according to the website to provide basic information, the system can automatically generate a compliance option incentive plan. When the program is determined, the enterprise will be able to give a stock option on the stock option, signed by the employee online confirmation, the latter option is automatically issued under the plan. At the same time, all the books on the book data are presented visually, businesses and employees can always view options, maturity. For the establishment of incentive plan of the company, the prospectus can also provide compliance processing and electronic management services.

equity information is one of the core information of the company, if the third party platform management, will inevitably lead to many companies worry about information security. Zhang Qian said that the book has shares in the system architecture to ensure the security of user information, if there is very high requirements for information security, a book can provide single deployment services, equivalent to the separation of data and services.

in addition, the book also offers options for clients to consult the legal aspects of the advisory services to meet the needs of some companies on the option plan personalized.

promotion, the book is mainly through cooperation with external agencies to promote products, especially incubators. Stock book has workshop, warehouse and Hugo benign more than and 50 incubators established cooperative relations.

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