Social media marketing and conversion rate naturally missed Change a way of thinking or dense willow

social media marketing looks good, but its low conversion rate directly to highlight weaknesses, social media marketing is true and the conversion rate of missed, or did not find it relevant to the marketers and marketing point


The ultimate way of existence

brand: idiotic powder

there will always be a "defend" the spirit of the religious independence, many times even creed. This kind of product related to "defend the spirit" some pressure when the root and product quality, to the masses, this part of the group may not be understood, so they were given a very fashionable apt name "idiotic powder", but for businesses, this is definitely one of the most powerful and beneficial power because in any case, they are! A curse to the other blood "attitude to defend the merchant’s products, if the powder, kerosene, etc. Rice noodles accumulate a certain amount of" idiotic powder ", this is a brilliant accumulation of a brand’s powerful weapon in" idiotic powder "who, in business no harm.

The rate of conversion of

social media marketing for obscenity, can connect with the ultimate brand "


mentioned that social, Enron first think of the Tencent, then contact the marketing, it is difficult to think of is always not the identity of the Tencent fodder electricity supplier, and similarly, the transformation of social media marketing rate, namely the effect level has also been difficult just passable. It is understood that more than 80% of marketers have taken the way to do marketing through social media, but the conversion rate is almost invariably the performance is not ideal.


it is undeniable that social media is one of the biggest users of the Internet all the online social circle, may have a negative impact on the life of the communication between people, but it is very suitable for the promotion of marketing marketing group.

and social media marketing is not just to buy advertising, the conversion rate is also has been the most concern for marketers to highlight the use of social media in the diffusion of strong function, low cost, high information openness, strength, enhance the user’s participation, establish the enterprise brand unique, and to perfect the whole marketing strategy of enterprises, the dream is always so beautiful


is interesting, according to reports, shared social content only accounted for about sixty percent of the remaining more than and 40 per cent of the content from the communicators (forwarding and sharing), and the content sharing content publishers and often less than thirty percent, which fully understand the Internet card status social circle: marketing the interactive content did not imagine so strong, which are not so strong in the background and talk about what the conversion rate? It is understood that for ordinary sounding brands, relevant comments visitors praise, share the average probability of only 1/10, low participation eventually led to the conversion of too horrible to look at.

social media marketing and the ultimate brand "idiotic powder"

is on the side of one side is a social media but also pay attention to the marketing function, it is.

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