The first round of money paid through the chess game after the owners feel

The second round of the first round of the "

" "chess game" has ended, the second round of the game has also started a prologue. The race to get a lot of attention, more than more than and 200 applicants. Is one of the biggest chess tournaments in the world of chess. Game players develop friendship, solidarity, advocate positive spirit, in the webmaster Circle reflects the light moved an inch.

through the preparation of the game and the specific responsibility is closer to and learn more about the real side of the webmaster, that is, in addition to the station owners have to do more lovely side of the station. The group is currently the chess match all my group has the most active one, where members do stand, chess, chat chat chat about life. Occasionally brag, everything is so peaceful and interesting. Friendship is more let me see the webmaster is no longer only in soft thread under abusive people. More encouragement and support.

contest held relatively smooth, but also to allow more webmaster to know more webmaster, feel more people and do stand mentality and strategy. Do stand in accordance with such as chess, that is, the gentleman and villain, there are defensive attack, there are static move, there are into retreat, there are proud to have modest. I also took part in the race, but I really very dish chess, when playing in the opponent and the opponent in feeling let me, but I finally defeat. However, focusing on participation, ha ha, Le Le Le!

also occurred during some of the things I moved, some of the owners because they can not arrange the time of the game, are active and I ask the opponent to qualify, and to clarify the situation I apologize. There is a place called "Lu Shuai" Friends of chess is very high, but after verification is not the webmaster. In accordance with the rules of the game and the restrictions of the crowd, the fairness of the game can only be disqualified. He gave me a look at his QQ space, the space has written on the event of concern and expectations. I do not know what kind of mood, can only wish he can get to know some good friends in the webmaster circles.

the game from the preparation to the formal competition for relatively long time, but also experienced a special moment, we expressed condolences to the earthquake, not to walk in this game of chess of compatriots, re entered the game after suffering compatriots wish can go out wonderful new.

game is still in progress, we can’t keep yesterday, I hope we can cherish today in the chess game of life, we are the board on the car, horse, soldier. Only unity, only give and give up. We can shine more brightly.

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