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IT Time [editor’s note] online recruitment market is now showing three forces: qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin founder of this market, 58 city, such cross-border, and headhunting network, the network of these innovators. In this case, the traditional online recruitment business model is to make a change.


Internet era innovation is always in the form of a wave, constantly subvert the traditional things, this time it is the online recruitment.

not to mention the classified information website early focus to the recruitment, boasted two years to achieve 1 billion 500 million revenue. One is from the end of March relying on 3W coffee to create a pull hook network to get Bertelsmann 5 million A round of investment, to the beginning of April Internet hunting tens of millions of dollars in financing, and then to the headhunting network some amazing C round of $70 million, increasing number of people already smell the capital of this industry frenzy.

and it is precisely in this context, the traditional online recruitment site Zhaopin prospectus published in May 6th, IPO announced that the United States listed; ten years later the industry leader in the 8 defendants took out a $19 million 100 thousand profit earnings, seem to challenge their loudspeaker.

is about the development of the Internet is too fast, so that even its internal differentiation have faint tradition and cutting-edge, such a change seems to have some free on the technology itself, but rather a business model on subversion and reconstruction.

founder’s hesitation and stick to

after years of promotion of investment, the scale effect of future worries and Zhaopin platform has begun to appear, the user can transfer cost platform is gradually rising, a large and stable user base for them, it means higher advertising revenue and more subscribers. In order to change the flow of advertising, from large base users in the fight for a small proportion of paid users, such a scale and flow based business model, although some old, but it is very stable, and has a high profit margin. In the past ten years the number of Internet users in China offer enough demographic dividend, let it always maintain high growth.

but for a Internet Co in a rapidly changing competitive environment, stability is not a good thing. Low flow absorption, high profits sold at high prices to bring recruiters way has become the biggest obstacle to innovation: the two companies make recruitment advertising, rather than service; the product viscosity is poor, low degree of user repeat visits; no identity of platform. The fundamental problem is that in such a way it should be connected to the needs of both sides, to achieve information and efficient docking platform, online recruitment websites are tightly stuck the point of contact between the two sides, set up various fees checkpoints, such a docking has become more inefficient. Users voted out delays resume feedback, HR have yet to face a multitude of various resumes, the user experience of both are.

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