Such as nternet pornography great scourges blocking or thinning

"food and sex", this sentence spread for thousands of years, in fact, not Confucius said, "but from a book that" Mencius. But Confucius also said it was a classic sentence, "the natural instincts of man, human desires". "Save heaven, and destroying human desires" thing is talk, golden age of Confucianism during the heyday of China’s erotic novel, visible is how people loved by.


people, care about etiquette, but the metaphysical things finished, the total is still worrying about the shape of that sort of thing. No matter there is no zeidan, can battle, this stuff is great zeixin, don’t improve, no matter how old, still life, more than you. In fact, the count with the outstanding figures from ancient to modern times, zeixin zeidan, in the same outstanding record. Just over the great aura, mortal has ignored their flags and no respect for the old.

pull two nonsense, back to the theme of science and technology reports. For a long time, porn sites are the important power of the Internet are ignored by media, we see and hear only Google, YAHOO, Facebook these big names. While pornography was like floating on the surface of the iceberg, we hear some mysterious name, they really influence under water rarely known.

, for example, the world’s largest porn site Xvideos monthly PV 4 billion 400 million, what is the concept of this is the news website CNN and sports website ESPN three times. In the world’s top 500 sites, pornographic sites occupy dozens of. The average residence time of users of pornographic sites is as high as 15-20 minutes, three times the average website. This is a very high Internet user stickiness.

needs to be emphasized that these pornographic websites are also legitimate operations, excluding the child pornography and other laws to crack down on the scope of. In most western countries, users can be free access to a variety of porn sites, but when it comes to children and other high voltage line, even if it is to download and hold, are likely to suffer legal punishment. The government’s crackdown on illegal pornography is also increasing.

recently British Prime Minister Cameron announced a series of measures to combat pornographic websites. On the one hand, he asked Google, Microsoft and YAHOO and other Internet Co to filter the search results of child pornography, which is also in line with the expectations of the public and hope. But on the other hand, Cameron also announced the need to implement pornographic content filtering from network service providers, but this initiative has caused a lot of controversy, involving partners and even including China’s HUAWEI.

according to his proposal, the British Internet users need to declare their own Internet operators need to access pornographic website before the end of the year; if not stated, Internet operators will automatically block all pornographic content. Cameron’s intention is to prevent the exposure of children to Internet pornography, but when it comes to mandatory filtering, his actions can be enlarged up to excessive.

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