National education channel to enable the implementation of the two domain names on the 7th central n

renamed China ( March 20th hearing, in recent years the Internet online education competition, and recently has a new education platform, China education channel search enable two domain officially launched.


: national search education

It is reported that

, the country found the education channel is composed of seven people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV and other central news unit jointly founded China search and focused mobile internet education platform to create a joint network game guide. The platform is a collection of high-quality education resources on the industrial chain, to provide interest in learning, exam training, study abroad, study tours internships, immigrants and other one-stop educational products and services for consumers.

‘s search education channel is the opening of the two level domain Chinese search, and "search" Larry domain in 2004 has been registered, have been built in search of fruit fruit trade information network, and other suffix domain name also wandering.

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