2009 Fourth Huaihai Economic Zone in Jiangsu province and the first session of the General Assembly

in order to better promote the healthy development of the Internet industry in Jiangsu, to expand high-quality contacts, promote the field of Internet work together to create a good investment environment for the network, Huaihai Economic Zone fourth session of the conference and the first Jiangsu Internet webmaster webmaster summit will be held in September 19th. As the Huaihai economic zone is the largest and most influential event, Huaihai Economic Zone Internet webmaster general assembly has been successfully held three sessions, has become the Internet industry professionals gathered to the event, an important role in promoting the development of industry of Huaihai economic zone. September autumn, let us meet in Pengcheng, talked about the network.

conference theme: win-win cooperation and harmonious development

meeting time: Sunday, September 19, 2009 (13:30-18:00


conference place: Zhongshan Xuzhou hotel conference hall

organizational structure


Xuzhou Internet Industry Association (www.xuzhou.org)

co organizer:

Hangzhou Detian Information Technology Co. Ltd (www.phpwind.com)


network of excellence (www.xuzhoujob.com)

Xuzhou Maple letter Technology Co., Ltd. (www.33ip.com)

          enterprise win network marketing (www.xzsem.com)


webmaster network (www.admin5.com)


Tencent Fu Tong Tong (www.tenpay.com)

Interactive Encyclopedia (www.hudong.com)

              charge system (http://s.www.52papa.com)

ntalker (www.ntalker.com)


Chinese network

Xuzhou recruitment network (www.xzjob.net)

support media:

Xuzhou Xuzhou people’s Broadcasting Station Xuzhou radio and television news morning news Pengcheng evening news Jiangsu radio and television news Taizhou Yangtze Evening News modern express

network support media:


technology Sohu Tencent NetEase technology science and technology science and technology Yesky techweb whip Niu Shi dig shellfish net.

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