Old club NetEase pain unfamiliar street CEO Tang Yan no professional ethics

[Abstract] NetEase said Tang Yan in the work of private NetEase create unfamiliar street, and has been detained by the police because of personal problems 10.



technology news (Jin Duo) in December 10th, in the unfamiliar street listed on the United States on the eve of the company founder, CEO Tang Yan, but suddenly the old club NetEase accused, saying it did not conduct personal style and occupation.

unfamiliar street will be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in the eastern United States on December 11th, the issue price of 12.50 to $14.50, according to the median value, is expected to unfamiliar street will be about $260 million financing from the IPO. At this crucial moment, the founder of Tang Yan’s character was really upset the NetEase. As to whether it will affect the listing process, is still unknown.



company said in a statement released this morning, Tang Yan from December 2003 to September 2011 in the NetEase, during the use of his position, get all kinds of information and technology resources provided by NetEase, a private street street". In addition, the former editor in chief Tang Yan as a NetEase, the company of the trust, to his wife (Zhang Sichuan) as founder of the four degree (Beijing) Advertising Co. Ltd. transport million yuan economic benefits.

NetEase also disclosed that Tang Yan during the work of NetEase, but also because of personal problems in 2007 by the Chinese police detained 10 days. As a senior NetEase staff, Tang Yan did not truthfully inform the company on the matter.

Finally, the

statement pointed out that NetEase reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for all misconduct during Tang Yan’s work in NetEase.

is the American investment company to Tencent said the announcement of the listed effect of unfamiliar street in the United States, probably to see how the credibility of the accused party, but the NetEase in the United States investment community quite good reputation.

public information, Tang Yan departure from NetEase time is September 9, 2011. The same day, NetEase announced in the interior, Tang Yan, chief editor of NetEase resignation venture.

in the media reports at the time, the departure of Tang Yan slightly awkward. Because in April 19th of the same year, NetEase announced the appointment of former news center director Tang Yan as chief editor of the website, leaving this is less than 5 months.

from the unfamiliar street open news, the official time for the unfamiliar street in August 3, 2011. From this point of view, has not yet formally before leaving, Tang Yan has been put into the street unfamiliar venture.

Tang joined NetEase in 2003, before he was appointed editor in chief, deputy editor in chief of the website, in charge of news, finance, entertainment and sports content information center. In addition, Tang Yan also served as editor in chief of NetEase review channel, the Olympic Channel, as well as the director of the news center.

is the following NetEase statement:

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