The world April Fangfei talk about copyright music website

today many webmasters are talking about how to solve the copyright problem of music sites, there seems to be a lot of music sites are swinging at the crossroads. It seems that there are some music sites in or out or out.

ask: there are a lot of music website, I would like to ask if you do a music website whether to go through some procedures, or do the site, the page below write a disclaimer on the line. Who knows what to say.

actually, it is not enough, but also can not solve the problem of copyright,

so-called disclaimer is actually invalid

The standard of the

law is to see that there is no direct or indirect harm to the interests of the right holder, and it is not your statement that "if I do not take responsibility," then you can really be irresponsible

music website, if you provide the music you are all original, there would be no need for what approval, in addition to a small part of the site now covers more than 95%, the music website, there is no copyright, including Baidu and yahoo. There are many portals.

only need to record your personal website can be, it is no record, is the site for the record, and the copyright is different.

if you want to provide copyrighted music, it is necessary to go to the China Music Copyright Association for the right to use music, and pay a certain fee

if your website is commercial in nature, for the purpose of profit, but also to the MII application, may have to pay

if you do not have the above procedures, your site is illegal black web site or super range of illegal websites, at any time may be fined or forced to close the station


wants to complete after these procedures, in their personal capacity and financial resources, it is almost impossible to

so many online music websites are in fact illegal, want to hide the trees, the best way is to hide it in the forest (as long as the tree is not very long tall) no security is not security, but said that security can also be regarded as safe, so how do you see……

has a lot of music sites, and slowly transformed into a search, or transformation into a forum, or transition to communication, the transition is a temporary way to music sites…….

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