The new advertising law on the impact of the nternet


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full text more than 10 thousand words, a total of 75".

for the first time in 20 years after the revision of the "advertising law" on September 1st formally implemented. It is worth mentioning that, in the past 20 years, the Internet has experienced a leap from the birth to the rise of the country’s development, and overwhelmed by the revised advertising law will also be published on the Internet advertising behavior into the scope of management.

said that the new "advertisement law" sounded the death knell of the intelligent mobile phone hype, also said that the implementation of the new "advertisement law", "XX violation of" advertising law "has become a manufacturer of new marketing gimmick, so, the new" advertisement law "in the end have little impact on the Internet


new advertising law a total of five of the eight involved in the Internet

in a total of 75 new "advertising law", there are "five of the" clearly involved in the Internet, including the nineteenth, the forty-fourth, the forty-fifth, the sixty-third and the sixty-fourth. Among them, in addition to the sixty-third, sixty-four is for Internet advertising violations of the penalty provisions, the remaining three is to regulate the Internet advertising behavior terms.

"advertisement law" provisions of article nineteenth, "radio and television stations, newspapers and audio-visual publishing units, Internet information service providers shall not be introduced in the form of health and health knowledge, the release of medical drugs and medical devices, health food advertising."

said, "advertising law" and "the Internet information service provider" and on radio and television, newspapers and other traditional audio-visual advertising as the same, it is to admit that "the Internet information service provider" is the "advertisement law" of advertising.

"advertising law" forty-fourth stipulates that "the use of the Internet to engage in advertising activities, the provisions of this law. The use of Internet publishing, advertising, shall not affect the user’s normal use of the network. In the Internet page in the form of pop-up ads, etc., should be marked off the mark, to ensure a key off."

obviously, in accordance with the provisions of this article, the Internet has been officially defined as a channel or platform for advertising release. Previously, many Internet portals, including advertising search, publishing platform, mostly in the name of "technical service" to provide users with services, collect fees, now, in accordance with the provisions of the new "advertisement law" in the future, including Sina, Tencent, portal website, and Baidu, Sogou, search platform, and Jingdong Taobao, and other electronic business platform, it is not appropriate to take the "technical service" in the name of advertising.

In addition to

, Internet advertising forms, this article specifically need can achieve "close", if not provided will likely face advertisers will face "five thousand yuan to thirty thousand yuan fine penalty.

"advertisement law" the forty-fifth regulation, "public field"

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