The air under the network economy a brief history of the growth of red hot capital

The rapid rise of the concept of red

network, the brightest pursuit of funds, attracted the attention of the capital market on the net red, red net economic unprecedented. Many people in the industry believe that the network is red and behind the net economy is red tuyere.

in March 19th this year, known as the "joint investment in 2016 the first red net" Papi sauce officially acquired it real fund, the logic of thinking, the source of capital and capital of a total of 12 million star. In the subsequent advertising auction, Papi sauce advertising is the auction price of 22 million. This is considered to be a landmark event in the history of Hong Kong’s economy.

Papi sauce get financing I am very happy, because we finally began to focus on this field." AI Qirui CEO Zhang Zhanhao said. Card Hang Seng chief research officer Yuan Ji believes that the red net is building an important economic force, will be popular with the combination of capital and industry, produce red net economy.

thus, net economy began to be highly concerned about the outside world and attention. But in fact, the brightest capital in the last year has begun to layout. Twenty-first Century economic report incomplete statistics, since last year, the amount of financing to attract the webcast platform has reached 5 billion yuan.

, Iqiyi, Baidu video, music video Tencent NetEase, and other Internet giants are optimistic about the network broadcast a revolutionary impact on the video industry, has been or is about to enter the broadcast industry. The current market and financing data are explained, the Internet industry is becoming a huge emerging market.

net economic red air outlet, attracting various funds have dispatched. But at the same time, just for this emerging industry, chaos, and there are many unknown risks. The influx of funds, competition will become more intense.

network red economy encounter capital chase

in March this year, Papi sauce get tens of millions of investment, the webcast, red and other related concepts to the high point, but also set off a boom in the capital market, causing concern. According to incomplete statistics, in March there are easy to live, three nets, Betta TV respectively to get tens of millions of financing. B round of financing amount Betta TV even reached $100 million.

but in fact, the funds on the network red, the network has long been favored as early as last year began. March 2015, Songcheng performing 2 billion 600 million yuan, a premium of 68 times the price of the acquisition of six rooms. The six room launched in 2006, is located in UGC video content platform, derived to show mode based online entertainment broadcast mode.

from the second half of 2015, the capital began to chase the network platform. ImbaTV’s B round of financing obtained Zijin Cultural Fund, innovative workshops, including Wang Sicong, including the amount of financing of about 100 million yuan. In November 2015, the Dragon live long tour games, the Tencent of nearly billion dollars in financing. In addition, the Tencent has invested macropodus. In March this year, TV Tencent, Betta Sequoia Capital, Nanshan capital >

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