The reporter unannounced visits mortgage nearly 500 thousand domestic Meiya riches myth to join

State Administration for Industry and commerce website published a message: Sichuan Kemou by Meiya Technology Group Limited network marketing, May 2008, Hunan province Chaling County Public Security Bureau in the investigation.

investigation, AIU is a Hongkong company through the Internet, take the "dual track" development of the members of the implementation team paid ". Kemou through the development of offline illegal business amounted to about 500000 yuan, the staff more than and 90 people.

June 2008, Ke was arrested for illegal business crime. At the same time, our company in other city have been punished because of illegal pyramid selling.

a join Meiya Technology Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Maya) MLM personnel in the online claimed that currently has nearly 500 thousand people joined mayer.

is Changchun


it is reported that engaged in illegal pyramid selling activities in southern cities. At the end of 2008, a mysterious phone call into the newspaper, the reporter several unannounced visits, confirmed a MLM Meiya "cancer" has spread to the north, and began to spread in Changchun.

"let them succeed I can succeed"

mobile phone dial "national long-distance 6 cents, as long as I trust to help every person let them succeed I can succeed." This is Lee’s signature QQ changchun.

and Lee before contact, a mysterious phone call into our, said people who engage in pyramid schemes in the Changchun, Lee caught in the quagmire, I hope the media to expose the matter, let him go astray.

treats all consulting AIU, Lee has a very enthusiastic. He said the cause is not familiar with the initiative: I can find the teacher to tell you, this career is very profitable."

by Lee, the number of days ago, reporters talked with teacher MA (male) and teacher (female). They are also met through a network, the purpose is very uniform, with Mayer "to get rich".


Mayer do

fan teacher first broadcast a video clip, a software called "Mycool", as long as the purchase after the call the national telephone can be 6 cents per minute between people can be free to install the software, video intercom, can instantly send pictures.

"I happened to see the Internet, publicity of Mayer, feel this thing is too good. Then on the Internet do AIU, looking for a very long time to know a teacher in Harbin, we went to see the teacher, then joined." Fan teacher said she and Miss Ma is a pioneer in the area of "Changchun Mayer do".

"we also develop staff through the network. Do not run out of this, as long as you can understand how it is on the line, it is easy. Changchun has just started, you now join, later developed, sitting at home on the number of money on the line. If the development of 10 thousand people, then we have made. Now a teacher in Harbin, wages 2000>

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