Today’s headlines pea pods argument values should advance in technology

said not long ago, the founder of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming accepted the "financial" magazine, the technology is neutral, no interference may be the best information distribution principle, rejected the values ahead of today’s headlines.

was the first time to hear the innocence of technology or Nora case, until now this sentence is also prevalent.

but there are always people who express different opinions. Wang Junyu, co-founder of pea pods, said in an interview with reporters about the interview on the opposition, said in a statement on behalf of the opposition, said in an interview with Mr. Zhang Yiming. In his view, technology is the values, depends on what you do; face the reality, does not mean indulging in reality, continue to enlarge the weaknesses of human nature; finally, even ordinary people also have higher pursuit of entertainment.

Zhang Yiming has more than once publicly stated that today’s headlines are not media, but technology companies. Such a declaration is also evidence of technical neutrality, and it looks like the other side of the ocean FaceBook founder Zuckerberg. The same does not recognize the media, the same can be left to the public opinion.

Under the leadership of

Zhang Yiming headlines today, 150 million monthly active users, nearly 70 million people spend 76 minutes every day. Such traffic is extremely large. If the mere use of technology neutrality, technology first attitude to run, there will not appear after the abolition of the flaws like FaceBook manual editing.

Wang Junyu’s answer is also technically demonstrated this problem, in his view, the algorithm is designed by the people, and this is the value. When you not only design a set of algorithms to encourage high click through rate, but also use the advertisement to be divided into high content creators, which is the embodiment of values. The so-called neutral non-interference in the technology itself is a kind of output value. Just more negative.

and the focus of this discussion is whether the problem is right or wrong, whether the value should be advanced in technology, the problem is to determine the starting point and the operation of the reform. The same as the star startups, pea pods audibles headlines today, the banter that. And the focus is on both areas of expertise, technology. As of press time, today’s headlines have not yet joined the discussion on this issue.

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