Commerce Department without the consent of the user shall not push advertising WeChat

shop, TV shopping and other non shop behavior, will usher in a more detailed management approach.

recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued a "retail shop management (Trial) (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "draft"), to the public for comments. "Draft" clearly encourage the establishment of non store retailing organization, but not exaggerated propaganda, tampering, resort to deceit shall not disclose, sell or illegally providing personal information to others. "Draft" clear, non store retail operators engaged in sales activities through related services, shall be submitted in accordance with other license information business license, business license, authorization certificates and laws and administrative regulations.

it is worth noting that the "draft" of online shopping users suffering from bad advertising "bombing" push behavior made clear: without the consumer recognition, not by SMS, email, etc. WeChat push advertising.

shop will be included in the credit record

according to the "draft", including non store retailing, mail order, TV shopping, telephone shopping online store and vending machine (vending machine) etc.. Non store retail related services, refers to the retail shop to provide commodity promotion, display, trading and other services platform operators.

from the "draft", for the shop and other non store operator behavior presents more detailed measures for the administration of the Commerce Department of the State Council will be the same as telecommunications, press and publication departments, the non store retail operators and related services in violation of administrative punishment behavior and results of this method were collected, establish bad credit record and credit rating system, and realizes information sharing.

if it is a service provider in violation of the relevant provisions of the draft, will be handled by the telecommunications, press, publishing, radio and television and other departments in accordance with the law, the results included in the poor retail credit records.

in addition, the draft also provides that no store retail operators and related services should be properly stored personal information of consumers, shall not leak, tampering, shall not be sold or illegally to others. Related services failed to fulfill management responsibilities, resulting in damage to the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, should bear joint liability according to law.

WeChat marketing is expected to regulate

according to the "draft", without the consent or request of consumers, or consumer expressly rejected, non store retail operators and related services are not through fixed and mobile telephony, SMS, email, WeChat, letters and other channels, marketing information to send. For those who violate the regulations, consumers can report to the relevant management. The "draft" regulations, the relevant administrative departments after receiving the report, belonging to the scope of duties, shall make a decision within 15 working days; do not belong to the scope of duties, shall, within 5 working days to the relevant departments in accordance with law.

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