On the website of medium and small businesses pay promotion every day in the burn

small and medium-sized enterprises pay promotion is using more of the online promotion, in view of the enterprise website itself less information, few have invested a lot of manpower to optimize the internal web site, and the chain and hard to get support. That is the enterprise stand in the inside of the corner shelves. All in all, rely on the quality of the site itself and the weight to get traffic may be minimal. Then pay promotion, advertising promotion has become the main means of promotion of enterprise station.

currently paid to promote the main position is Baidu. Why is it "position" because Baidu PPC competition is too intense. Especially popular keywords, sometimes pay per click to 10 or even dozens of pieces of one click here is to burn the place. In fact, the burn promotion can not set, but some companies because of improper spending is wasted money.

keyword selection error

for a real example, there is a printed material to do a website is a PS version of the product, in the promotion of Baidu keyword on the choice of the PS version, PS, PS materials, these 3 keywords. PS another meaning as we all know, is a famous image processing software: Adobe, PhotoShop, and general visitors search is PhotoShop peripheral information. So the effect of these keywords can be imagined, visitors through the PS, PS material keywords into your site, but found that is not what you want, the opportunity to close the site will be very high, out of the high rate. Is to spend money do not please.

keyword too wide

In the case of error is

more than words on the industry do not understand the cause, but sometimes this is that people will because of "big corruption" and a high price in the vortex of keywords. Put the key words sometimes can not be too greedy, such as selling notebook computer business, but to put on the computer this popular keywords, the price is high, the competition is fierce, believe that the conversion rate is not high. SEO expert analysis, experienced buyers can accurately search the full name of the product, product models, etc.. But the general visitors will go through the fuzzy search, in the fuzzy search results in the determination of the search target, while the further search. So we not only in the promotion of key words to pay when the precise launch, but can not be greedy".

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