Talk about the user experience is the best teacher life

get up early, the world to light rain, clean up everything, take my umbrella to go out. Today’s mission is to buy a pair of shoes already on the Internet!

came to the pedestrian street, there are many people in the street. My eyes are constantly searching for the goal in my heart. By chance, one beside the gorgeous signs, I found a black signs, especially conspicuous! Black and white was dull without losing grades, door stickers is very simple, not a certain star, just a pair of shoes, shoes in the surface, there are a few drops of water. I can not help but the hearts of emotion, interesting. Contrast of display advertising, not only is the door or stickers, give me the visual impact and do not feel like]

then took a step towards the shop. Near the door, the door opened, is a black dress in the female clerk, I do not know whether it is out of the hobby of professional attire, or what, my pace accelerated. The clerk came up, opened the door for me, and handed me a bag to collect my umbrella. After I entered the store, I saw a lot of people inside. Feel the quality of the shoes must be very good. At the moment, the clerk handed him a pair of wool slippers, let me put it on, and asked: "today the weather is cool and powerful, it’s raining, your shoes wet, we put on your shoes, slowly, to see what is not love. Next to a drink, you can drink a little warm body. There is no need to say hello to me, "I do not know why, this moment my heart warm. Intimate service, details of the more comprehensive than I think, from the bottom of my heart feel this shop is good]

The head of the

tag, I quickly found that I love the brand, and then through the letter, I found the whole process of it! On a few minutes, the whole did not ask a man. Process design is simple, I can quickly find what I want]

when I appreciate this work of art, the clerk came up to me and asked me some details, and told me: "30 days if the quality of the shoes have problems, you can take it over". Eliminate the worries of the majority of buyers in mind, in fact, I ask less, why is 30 days]


asked about the price, I went to the cashier (because I was already on the Internet before). As for pants morning, wallet forgot, Alipay finally paid, I was filled with joy, I wear good shoes, and a cup of Orange Juice, with my trophy home. The option of trading, let me feel very relaxed]

home, I can’t wait to open my shoe, there’s a different paper and card, which is about the content: "thank you for coming to our store, we hope that the shoes can make you satisfied, what problems tell us at any time bold. We look forward to your next visit, because the next time you are our old customers, we hereby presented a VIP card to you, you can enjoy our new 15% off discount from the next time

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