Baidu image search crazy into traffic

open, enter your domain name site:, you can see how many pictures are included in Baidu. Open

for example, enter the site:, you can see the number of Chinese Gallery was included in the Baidu pictures. When the visitors through the Baidu image search to see their favorite pictures, and open the view, Congratulations, it is possible that your site will be more than a loyal user. If you are a professional website effect is more obvious, such as some rare visitors need to design materials, products, pictures, search your image released by Baidu pictures, and visit your site through the picture, perhaps not a small business that contributed to, ah, the heart of


how to let Baidu included your site’s pictures, alt, title, keywords will play a role, but even if done optimization, also can’t let Baidu fast included. Here to tell you how to apply Baidu space, put the picture in the space, the title is written keywords you want to be included, let you fix keywords in the content section appeared several times, usually within 24 hours by keyword can see you released pictures.

released the article to ensure that each picture has its own alt, this is very important. Can refer to the practice of, careful analysis you will be surprised to find that the original SEo but so.

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