Snack book inventory in addition to taste they are so attracted your attention

this to the dog is how to make advertising (ID:ADog-go), has been authorized "

childhood memories

big bubble gum: eat big, great joy


big bubble gum should be a lot of friends of childhood partners, but in addition to the ad, the great Superman red figure actually more recognizable.

milk: look at you I’ll drink



needless to say, Wangzai figure must also accompany everyone’s childhood, is similarly in Superman, an important symbol of the brand image of Wang Zi is actually for a while, the network is also a spoof of Wangzai heat transfer pictures, let everyone happy at the same time, it also made a wave of publicity for Wang zi.

small steamed Steamed Buns: small Steamed Buns younger than you, but nutrition more than you



original ad in the dialogue between father and son of the scene is very humorous, father and son for the sake of a picture of the steamed bread is pretty cute.

: I want spree to Wang! I want



"Wang Wang gas body Wang, Wangcai Wang Fu Wang Road, Zhu Niwang on:


want spree pay New Year’s call advertisement has been broadcast for many years, advertising was popular, and even consumers to eat their own want but no change of Wang brand to court.

wave seaweed: I know the taste of the sea


Not only is

seaweed, actually force fishing fun ad is "the taste of the sea I know"

farmer orchard: shake before drinking


this ad is also a new consumer thinking, drink juice before shaking his body can be regarded as the new trend.

Gao Legao: enjoy life, enjoy Gao Legao


Gaolegao drink

when time is really the time to enjoy life! Do not know if there is no form and small series pie chowhound ~

MengNiu yoghourt: lene


MengNiu yoghourt is Hunan TV "super girl" for many years the title sponsor, Zhang Hanyun was a hit, Mengniu also build for the shooting commercials, film at a young Zhang Hanyun singing "lene" also attracted many young.

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