WeChat into a money making tool 4 strategies to make your friends take the initiative to find you to

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" WeChat marketing "can now be said to be the fire can’t fire, from the micro marketing line under the full flowering of training courses, training can catch a glimpse of this branch in the field of hot degree. Why micro marketing will be so hot? The answer is too many people with WeChat. WeChat launched just three years ago, with a total of more than 600 million users, nearly half of China’s population.

I briefly outlined my little marketing experience, if you have a good point of view, welcome to discuss with me.

. How to break the bottleneck to add friends, this should be the problem facing all the micro providers, add friends is a month on the accumulation process and methods are similar, a lot of online search. I’m going to talk about a few tips.

(1):.QQ friends into more accurate customer you QQ group, the group of the first member of the QQ group inside with your friends, here is a little skill, QQ space inside the list of friends can be a key to add QQ group member as a friend, now Tencent did set up to one day can only add 50 friends, so you can a plurality of QQ batch add.

(2). Mail list: friends into the tips here is to spend money to buy your accurate customer telephone number, such as you do the mask to buy age of 16 to 50 women, very cheap, 10 dollars can buy thousands of. Then put these numbers into the phone address book and then import it into the WeChat

(3). We recommend some good platform: Baidu post bar, Tianya forum, watercress, Alibaba forum. There is a good drainage way is to buy those products on Taobao sales price is not high, can not buy after evaluation, as long as the view that people will see the product evaluation results, you know.

two. Advertising and product life

WeChat marketing also known as trust marketing, so be sure to do a good job marketing relationship. You can not stop every day to send product advertising, so long will shield you. What should I do? I think one day to send 3 circle of friends is the most dynamic. Wake up in the morning to send a picture of the positive ability of the message, so that we feel you are a positive energy positive people. At noon a your life work, let everyone know your life, down to earth. The evening can send your product advertising and user feedback, everyone is busy night time for the rest of the day, people can look at your product information and communicate with you. Of course, here the text is more important, how to introduce your product vivid.

three. Care and interaction

people are concerned, this is the fundamental principle of human nature. When your circle of friends to see you happy or sad WeChat friends you should send your blessing and comfort. If it doesn’t matter what you should also point to praise, let everyone know that you are paying attention to them, you often pay attention to him, he will be able to remember you, even if you are hard to follow

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