Aggregate data from a variety of data sources mmuta 8 million A round of financing

data has two sides, on the one hand, it is one of the most competitive advantages of the enterprise, on the other hand, it is the biggest potential risk point.

February 17th, the United States data service provider Immuta company announced the acquisition of a $8 million A round of financing, the use of software to help scientists and data analysis data aggregated data from various data sources. This round of financing is the lead investor of the well-known venture capital Drive Capital, Partners and Greycroft have voted Conversion Capital two venture capital institutions, it is reported that the company had in July 2015 to raise a $1 million 500 thousand seed round of financing, but after this round, the total amount of financing has reached $9 million 500 thousand, they plan to use the latest the investment to recruit more talents, expand its marketing team size, and increase R & D investment.

in the Internet era, with the increasing number of network security issues, data management requirements more and more stringent, many companies have gradually increased the difficulty of data analysis. While Immuta can provide efficient data privacy protection and data management services for the administrator, through the aggregation of all kinds of data source in Immuta information management platform, data analysts can grasp more comprehensive data and information, and the application of machine learning techniques, is helping them in research data on a tiger with wings added. It is worth mentioning that Immuta software compatibility is very good, can be deployed in any infrastructure, whether the site server configuration, or in the total cloud or private cloud applications, and even the two mix use.

Immuta was founded in 2014, headquartered in Maryland, currently has a total of twenty-four full-time employees. According to a spokesman for the company said, they have developed a sandbox, one hundred percent to ensure the security of the original data set, and will not be destroyed. The company’s chief executive officer Matthew Carroll said in a statement:

today, a lot of data driven demand for data collection is very high, almost exponentially, and in order to better understand the customer, then they can be targeted to provide more value-added and high-quality service. However, as one of the biggest advantages of the enterprise, the data is also the biggest risk. The Immuta company to do is to use innovative means to help business customers to reduce this risk.

Immuta company is now using the service revenue model, database’s support and cloud technology platform including Amazon Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3, SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop and Distributed File System database (HDFS).

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