Enterprise website promotion steps

enterprise website promotion, network marketing is part of marketing, is the core of e-commerce, and promotion is the most key of network marketing, many companies have a special website, set up electronic commerce department, to carry out trade on the Internet, how to promote the enterprise website, have what good method, from wwww.foshanw.com, Mr. Yang and everyone share experiences.

first, enterprise website promotion search engine

1, search engine login

According to

analysis a large number of small web traffic comes from search engines, some more than eighty percent website traffic from search, web site can log on the search, the majority of customers can be in the Baidu search search network enterprise website.

2, search advertising

is now the most commonly used enterprises should be the search for competitive advertising, more commonly used Baidu bidding and Google keyword advertising.

3, search engine optimization

This is a common

SEO, according to the analysis of enterprise website, the relevant keywords, do some optimization in the search engine, the front can be ranked in the major search, can bring the enterprise into.

two, enterprise website promotion link

1, link

good links to the site can also bring about the flow and ranking, the company should pay attention to the other side of the site when the relevance of links, and their own company’s website content is related.

2, web site link

now has a lot of Web sites such as hao123265, etc., but the majority of enterprises to join the more difficult, you can look at the industry class web site to join.

3, the purchase of the chain

now included in search, search inside the website weight, if the site has enough chain of good, enterprise website ranking will be high, the search included will be more and faster, buy the chain should pay attention to the relevance of the website and is included in normal.

three, enterprise website promotion line under

1, logo promotion

in the presence of corporate identity at the same time the emergence of Web sites, such as business cards, envelopes, vehicles, etc..

2, advertising with

in the company’s other graphic and media advertising with the company’s Web site.

3, offline promotion

printed on clothing or some gifts on the company’s Web site.

four, enterprise website promotion information release

1, forum

select a number of related forums and paste it on the enterprise to publicize the information released and publicity.

2, blog


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