Attractive WeChat public number is so built

at the moment, almost all of the companies have opened their own WeChat public number, want to achieve their own purposes or marketing services to the public through the number of users. Sadly, the majority of the public to do the number of companies are very failure, completely unattractive, can not achieve the purpose of marketing or service fans.

today to share with you how to create an attractive public number, so that the public number to become your marketing or service tools.

down to earthSince the maximum number of differences between

public media and traditional media is close to people’s life, life style, down to earth. The public has had enough of the empty words, cliches, written media style, eight shares, from the superior public life and style, in the Internet era, has been abandoned. Said people, misconduct is not installed, in line with the daily habits of the public style, is the most influential media in the era of the internet.

if a WeChat public number is still in the traditional media style, the reader will vote directly on your feet.

how to be down to earth, very easy to do, as long as you are willing to go down to Earth concept, down to earth, no profound skill, just a little, said the people and readers, with daily language and the reader can communicate.

has forced grid

said here forced grid, not loaded force, there is a personality, partial 21 personality. Two force, is a new generation of young people’s standard, the main feature is the Internet industry.

with 80, 90, and after the new generation of young people in the proportion of the population is growing, and the impact of the Internet in the community as a whole is growing, the two force will become the label of the whole society. In the face of two forced readers, you only make a point, how to fix them.

did not know how to force the grid? Look at the social network has the youth force is how to present themselves, imitate their behaviors, learn their language, follow their attitude, there is a moment of force.


in this unusual restlessness in the society, a moral principle is a must. There is no moral principle is easy to perceive the reader. A public number must have its own special values, what is your principle, what you refuse to accept, what value do you convey to the reader?.

is shown through the action of integrity. For example, now a lot of public cash, began to accept commercial business training, soft advertising, some misleading and deceptive articles, integrity in


also, in order to improve the reading quantity and forwarding rate, release some of the false chicken, health and political articles, do so in front of the reader and the integrity of


do have a core integrity, key points, do any action before, ask yourself whether this act touch readers interest, if it is, then don’t do it.

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