Startups how to use 1000 in April Fool’s day to break the activities of 500 thousand PV

last week’s April Fool’s day, the largest phenomenon class activities to know almost the value of the launch. Thanks to the value that itself is a good product, two is known to almost all promotion rhythm, let value between hot become inevitable. But like ordinary startups, whether it is personnel, support resources are limited, how to seize the holiday time node to launch activities to refresh the effect for the project’s exposure

drainage?I am

from the code group (programmer community technology platform based on Crowdsourcing) this April Fool’s Day program source, creative design and development, promotion methods, actual effect, accident remedial operation for downtime, how zero cost flow activities how to detonate.

activity creative

first memories of last year fool’s circle of friends four themes: Red liar, spoof deceptive, confession, memorial brother (Leslie Cheung).


express is just beginning, so the election is how to help users express? First familiar scene is the circle of friends occasionally: "I love the people praise, delete this article about" I can chase you please praise". Then set out from these familiar scenes activities framework, but because of the initial idea of the entire program process is more complex, consulting technology that 2 days is too late to develop.

so I think "spoof deceptive" as the theme, Lenovo to the circle of friends before the fire: click on the original stem on the circle of friends,


there is a pain point: I do not know who the circle of friends

then came up with an idea that could be combined with a previous "friend’s impression" campaign, "I just want to know who’s most concerned about me.".

friends impression activities:


and consulted about the technology, it is also very simple to achieve, so initially identified with the title of the party to spoof.

Ps: on the activities of inspiration, derived from the accumulation of life, it is recommended to pay more attention to the popular micro-blog, the number of cases such as the British network marketing platform, Li Jiaoshou, the number of teachers, such as the accumulation of a little bit of creative network.

investigate user feedback (prevent from HI)

many of the company’s activities are designed, and there is no user to play, but their own internal YY. So the premise of activity success: about ideas in the activities (best to draw a simple interactive prototype Figure) out, to research about the people around you or other industries to do the planning of Buddy: if there is such a play, he will not play? This can first test your idea (also get active seed), users can also get some suggestions in the discussion.


development and design

After the

theme has been set, the following

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