Chen Yizhou 18 years of entrepreneurship harvest the 5 points

may lead to the failure of thousands of reasons, and the reasons for success are often similar to


today, and you put a discussion of almost all entrepreneurs want to know how to improve the probability of success and the answer is this? This time put a question over regret that he could not answer a logically consistent, but in the process of their thinking that happened to read Mr. Chen Yizhou for a thorough understanding of this problem.

this period, investment share the deep thinking of Mr. Chen Yizhou with you, after reading you may sigh: the cause of failure and success may have thousands on thousands of reasons, are often similar.

everyone, from the beginning to now, we have experienced many setbacks, the company’s business model at least four to five times, and now I will be in the process of experience and summarizes some experience to share with you.

first experience: Success begins with persistence.

our first money is very small – I remember when I was in the first money, is looking for investors in the United States, in 2002 because of the "9 – 11", we do not have the enthusiasm of investment. I would like to invite an investor to eat, continue to ask him, then asked him to eat off the eight McDonald’s, melt $80 thousand, the equivalent of eating a $10 thousand financing.

In the first few years of

, the business model changed several times. A few months later, we entered the traditional SP (wireless value-added) industry. In the traditional SP industry a few years later, met the winter of 2006, then it is just a big wave, very many things we had tried, classified ads, video sharing and so on, is not what we didn’t do.

but all of these attempts are based on our traditional business, to make money, once do not make money, will soon enter a very bad situation. We were 1400 employees, half cut in half a year. 2006, we set up the campus network, which is our third transformation. After the transition, we went through a period of hard work, and finally in May of this year, listed on the NYSE in the United States, becoming the NYSE’s first listed social networking company.

we can live, the most important point is to insist, in the most difficult time must adhere to the teeth. At the beginning of our company, the current account is only two months of money, in a very tough time to stick to it, I think it is not easy.

now all the industry inside, there are a lot of companies, but I insist that the light is not enough, there are second more important, is to be flexible. We are very committed to the company at the same time, but also in a few key time to make a change in the business model, if you have been doing the most want to start that model, and now certainly dead. >

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