Well known site visit trouble adding new members will have the next

before the author wrote an article: analysis of well-known sites can not visit the event to strengthen self-discipline in the event period. Recent events have not been able to visit well-known websites. As the country’s largest BT seed publishing site BTChina, the famous social networking site 51.com, vertical information website it168.com, well-known blog site blog bus, as well as it portal techweb.com.com. From the end of December to carry out the network in the renovation work, in addition to a large number of small and medium-sized websites because of jurisprudence violations were shut down, it is have many well-known large sites for various reasons have been shut down, and some are still unable to access, some after the rectification has been restored access. Slightly different from the well-known large sites "fault" and small personal website shut down, most of them are small personal website or domain name server directly was closed permanently stop parsing, but may not. The well-known large sites and generally did not close the server, but only the domain name is temporarily hold, and the domain name is registered under the new network and management. Given a warning or be ordered rectification, basically will again. Even so, a few days can not access will bring serious damage to the well-known large sites, and get jittery.

25, a well-known website to visit the failure of the big list and added a new member – fence. The fence nets as a famous life in Shanghai local forum website, especially women have high visibility, about 3000000 registered users, "big love", "decoration diary" is one of the famous forum in Shanghai, so users can also spread the "male female broadband mountain, on the fence net". Two consecutive days of access can also make friends worried. Currently, the fence has enabled the use of emergency standby domain name libalife.com and libaclub.com instead of the main website and forum fence. The fence net can not access the reason, the parties and the fence net domain name service provider to the two things. Fence network domain name service provider of the new network customer service confirmed that the fence can not be accessed because of the yellow". The fence network president Xu Xiangtao said the cause of the fence can not be normal access to the site’s domain name service provider is currently suffering from domain name analysis of the fault, but the specific reasons are not clear. The fence is currently working with the new network to discuss solutions to the problem, it is estimated that the problem will be resolved within two days. Fence network customer service staff is given the explanation is the fence in the telecommunications network server problems.

domain name service providers and the interpretation of the fence itself given contradictory. What is the reason for the fence, said the president of the domain name service providers are subject to fault analysis, and the customer service network is said to be a problem with the telecommunications network. There are two kinds of different caliber, the contradiction can not let the outside world doubts. This is not to mention the more detailed explanation, the easier it will be to discredit yourself. It is better to admit the fact that it is easy for the outside world to understand and sympathize. Admin5.com webmaster network editor landing new network, in the host to suspend the query window

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