Beijing police destroyed large customers M M Apartman Hotel control more than two thousand people

Beijing News (reporter Guo Chao) after 3 months of investigation, China more police destroyed a collaborative global registered users millions of large Chinese pornographic websites "M+M Apartman Hotel", the 2148 suspects were controlled.

Beijing police, as of June 8th, Beijing police suspects 77 suspects.

mother help cause police attention

According to

, M+M Apartman Hotel into the police line of sight, from a mother’s help.

at the beginning of this year, who lives in Beijing Chaoyang District, a mother to the Beijing police for help, she three son often on a "M+M Apartman Hotel" porn sites, indulge in long-term lead to poor sleep, decreased performance.

The capital of the

network security police preliminary understanding, the site is located in the United States in 2009, established in January, consists of 11 total blocks, 78 sub sector, more than 40 theme for, post number more than 800, 90% post involving pornographic content, pictures, text and video. Site management and access permissions set tight, from top to bottom is divided into three levels, respectively, the site administrator level, general manager level, registered member level, the number of registered members up to more than one million, great influence.

two children under the age of 18 involved in

after 3 months of efforts, the capital network security police to find out the organization of the site at all levels of administrators, and preliminary verification of the field accounts of the more than 4 thousand and 900, the local investigation of the more than and 100 accounts carefully. On this basis, timely report to the Ministry of Public Security Bureau to form a project to carry out a unified national arrests.

May 26th, unified security bureau in the Ministry of public security network, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hunan police, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places to carry out the 30 arrest of "M+M Apartman Hotel" Internet pornography project, 2148 people were in control, including detention 530 people, 910 people of public security punishment, other education personnel were detained or exempted from punishment.

according to reports, the Beijing police controlled a total of 77 suspects, all male. Among them, 2 people under the age of 18, more than 70% of persons under the age of 30.


crazy porn, his wife can not stop

31 year old man "Thirteen little" as an important suspect in the case, who is the "M+M Apartman Hotel" customers moderator, post, delete posts, membership rewards and punishment "reins". When he was in control of the police, he had posted 1406 pornographic pictures at the M+M Apartman Hotel.

"Thirteen less" said that in February 2010, he began to contact "M+M Apartman Hotel". At first, as a beginner, he was able to "Browse" pornographic content in a common area as a tourist. At that time, the website provides that if you want to see the "M+M Apartman Hotel" "fine picture video", you must upload

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