Micro marketing Zhuluzhongyuan cloud micro off why warlords

WeChat is a Tencent Inc launched a free chat software to improve class KIK free instant messaging. Since its launch in January 21, 2011, WeChat’s rapid development, has become Asia’s largest user groups of mobile instant messaging software.

The rapid development of

WeChat, micro marketing has become an unlimited business opportunities in which, such as the emergence of micro shop micro shop mushroomed emerge. In addition, some of the large third operation platform is also taking advantage of the micro marketing, hold high the banner, which is a relatively small customer cloud has the strength and influence of the company, WeChat has been committed to the third party on behalf of the operators, in the construction site, micro marketing and other aspects have a professional experience. At the same time, cloud minivan belonging to create a blue sky Investment Advisory limited liability company, with the blue sky was founded in 2009, registered capital of 90 million yuan, five years has been committed to the PC side of the site construction and promotion, technical support and service mode under the powerful, cloud micro passenger business cooperation thousands of customer service, tens of thousands of people, become one of the forefront of the industry enterprises.


small by understanding that the customer can cloud micro micro marketing in the army hold high the banner of warlords, remove the strong technical support, the service system is also worthy of praise.

cloud micro passenger function design is mainly to meet the needs of customers and the development of the function of the development of the micro site has 16 kinds, mainly divided into four categories:

information push: features include video, graphics, welcome, mainly to meet the information needs of the enterprise exposure.

online services: including message, customer service, mainly to meet customer demand for customer service.

interactive aspects: features include registration, investigation, social, etc..

sales: features include coupons, membership cards, etc..

cloud micro off the future, is now blazing, Zhuluzhongyuan such as micro marketing, cloud micro off chasing the strength of the company is very few, coupled with strong support, on the blue sky is create limitless future development must be a tiger with wings added.

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