World Cup Marketing War Mobile nternet and social media Reloaded

[Abstract] the world cup is not only a big star showdown, the major technology companies in the world cup marketing war has long opened the curtain.


Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on June 12th

hot Samba earth once every four years the world cup in Brazil triggered a global carnival, the summer heat all lit. The stage of the world cup, not only Neymar,, C Luo, Messi these big star showdown, the major technology companies and brands in the world cup marketing war has long been a curtain.

in addition to traditional marketing positions, mobile Internet, 4K TV, electricity providers, social media is not only a hot industry in 2014, but also an important territory during the world cup marketing.

mobile Internet fingertips marketing

as early as the 2010 World Cup, data from the international online survey service provider Lightspeed show that 82.7% of respondents will understand the world cup through the network, the proportion of more than traditional media such as television. With the popularity of smart phones and mobile Internet, mobile terminal screen this year will become an important way to get information on the 2014 World Cup, will also become the core position of major brands of world marketing.

in March this year, Wang Laoji officially announced the 2014 World Cup to become Tencent strategic partner and official partner of the world cup quiz. The biggest highlight of this cooperation is that both sides push Tips and quiz products of cooperation to achieve a mobile cross platform social sharing: obtained by in, Tencent, Tencent news client video client, mobile phone QQ, WeChat and so on any platform can be shared to quiz results, WeChat circle of friends, in order to achieve further social diffusion.

Wang Laoji play is to stimulate the enthusiasm of users to share and participate in this interactive gameplay will become the world cup marketing tactics.

to meet the user’s mobile terminal concept of race experience, Tencent also hit the big sports big celebrity strategy, during the world football Sir, Mr. soccer super star Tencent as the front and rear studio commentator, will also introduce special video, entertainment, with a crossover star to participate in the world cup column.

long ago, LETV also through the "old boy de World Cup Carnival activities focus on the world cup, and the integration of science and technology, sports, film and music as its ecological three party resources deployment in the field of mobile Internet marketing.

, LETV launch watch, music video, today’s video three App, hit full scores and broadcast, hot highlights push and the whole network personalized recommendation". In addition, LETV will be combined with special columns, homemade programs, broadcast live, celebrity multi screen interaction with Dong Lu and Huang Jianxiang sports oprah.

PPTV also coincidentally, through the self-made program to promote the world cup marketing. According to Zhou Liang, general manager of PPTV cohesion Sports Division

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