Lu Songsong how to use the blog to build a website

do not know if you have noticed that, perhaps, Moonlight blog Mou Changqing, and Lu Songsong, who were in the other BSP (blog service provider) opened a blog, they have the hair of the article, the day he will be reproduced to his own BSP blog, this is blog built.

blog group can be considered to be a blog promotion. Blog group is built in the large number of Web sites to build a blog, each blog links between each other, and finally back to their web site.

blog group has several advantages

first: it can bring you real traffic. Secondly, each blog, each article is a link to you, he can quickly improve website ranking and PR. Again, you can improve the reputation of your site. For professional SEO, the blog group is still very effective.

common BSP blog site

Sina, Sohu, NetEase, QQ, Baidu, YAHOO,, China blog, Google, and DoNews, and, in the UB wing,, gold online, the remotest corners of the globe community, blog bus, network,, Allen, crooked yo2, Csdn, MSN space, Ju Youbo guest, 19 floor, 51,, Yoho, TOM, CCTV, blog blog blog, blog, University of Western powers, the river space blog

note: use the mouse drag and drop function to search the site.

how to choose the right BSP? included is the fastest, and is widely recognized as the most love Google blog, usually issued within 5 minutes of the Google can be included.

Sina and skyline update has the advantage of a few minutes in general can be included. Sina blog included fast but less than the weight of Baidu space.

Baidu space in the high weight of Baidu, the article is bound to be Baidu search engine effectively grab, and the ranking will be priority, is included slightly slower.

gold online blog in Google news search has a good performance, the basic one day before the article, second days in the Google news search can be found.

Sohu blog emotion, women, health, finance, entertainment, gossip blog is relatively strong, and blog and circle of mutual promotion.

note: blog group built more is not good, their own update maintenance trouble not to say, and easy to let the search engine think your website repetition rate is high. BSP there are a lot of basic all large and medium-sized Web sites are provided with a blog service, according to their own web site theme choose the right BSP.

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