From the college entrance examination zero composition thought of soft Wen promotion

college entrance examination in the past less than two days time, the network has released a college entrance examination for the past 09 years zero composition. Don’t see, those who saw the ability to be not of the common sort Lenovo people will feel the


China’s college entrance examination system for many years, so far has not been able to replace the college entrance examination system. Can not be said to be perfect, at least now I think the college entrance examination is still necessary!

who can write the university entrance exam zero composition of students, I think we are not little "young cynic". They have a common feature, that is, despise the college entrance examination, perhaps they have a lot of good learning, but are quite despise the college entrance examination!

a few hours ago, I was thinking, if these people to write the site soft, can write out what kind of soft. At that time, they will not go to despise the college entrance examination, but like the majority of grassroots webmaster despise the grassroots circle of the circle of some things. In short, I now hope that the students of these associations to write a site soft Wen, to see what they can write what kind of soft.

grassroots webmaster are now writing the article is obviously a kind of characteristic, that is soft! Now even if it is entry-level grassroots webmaster see this article will be too lazy to see. If the grassroots webmaster for a way of thinking to write soft Wen, school entrance zero composition, write an alternative point, perhaps to see more people. In the middle again some of their own website publicity, I think it will be better than that of the old, the propaganda effect is better. As I now do the software download station 999, in their own blog above the curse curse days, will play a good effect. There will be a lot of people go to see, leave words, or praise or belittle. I stand between praise and belittle the publicity out, this is exactly what I expected.

In fact,

grassroots webmaster to write soft Wen is also like a student to write a composition, the composition of the students to write a good score high, grassroots webmaster soft Wen wrote a good website high visibility. It’s all about one thing.

grassroots webmaster should learn more about some of the celebrities that kind of publicity, Song Zude, Guo Degang’s sister Furong publicity hype, to find a suitable way to publicize the website. We do not have to despise anything, as long as appropriate to say some of the cattle, then think of some new words, according to current events, such as emotion, I think we should be a little help to the station.

I think the future of grassroots webmaster should not start a section of the hype of the site hype, the success of a hype should write dozens of articles more effective than the soft!

09 college entrance examination is over, the students will soon be promoted. This should appear in the middle of a number of emerging grassroots webmaster, hope that these emerging grassroots webmaster who continue to retain the kind of new talent is a fantasy! I believe you will do better!

I just saw 09 years of college entrance examination zero composition, the state is also estimated that the composition of the zero sum of the author’s state almost impulsive. What the article is not good please exhibitions, by the way

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